One stop HR solution for small and medium businesses

Improve your HR process

Manage all your employee’s details at one place, enhance employee engagement and keep all documentation online.

Attendance management

Mark attendance via the web interface or connect to your biometric system. Track and manage employee attendance with ease.

Leave management

Configure comprehensive leave policies for different leave types and view leave balances that are accurate and updated at all times.

Leave management


Manage payroll with efficiency. Calculate salaries, statutory deductions, loans and bonuses. Generate detailed payroll, compliance and tax reports.

Spreading Joy to 1,00,000+ Employees


Fast implementation and high user adoption.

  • Friendly user experience.
  • Well defined implementation methodology.
  • Domain expertise.



  • Scale as you grow with us.
  • Secure enterprise application- SQL & SSL certified


Access information on the go.

  • Send requests and do approvals on the go.
  • Create and visualise reports on mobile.

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