Free Upgrades

Free upgrades

The software is constantly enhanced with new functionality

We at Easy continuously working on new features to make your life easier and make sure you get most out of it. And most important is we don’t charge extra for these upgrades.

Easy have a very exciting roadmap ahead. Below is Easy roadmap to show features we are currently working on and the ones in pipeline. You can use our request form below to request a new feature in the system.

Sept 2017

Payroll and HRM Releasing

Oct 2017

Launch Payroll in UK

Sept 2017

Launch Payroll in India

July 2017

Launch Easy in India/Bangladesh

Jan 2017

Launch Easy in Singapore and Malaysia

May 2016

Launch Easy in South Africa

Mar 2016

Launch Easy in Dubai

Feb 2016

Document management

Mar 2016

CRM Module

Oct 2016

Bulk VAT submission for accountants

Jan 2016

Bulk reconciliation

Apr 2016

Auto bank feed

Feb 2016

Asset Sell/Dispose

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