Easy banking

Bank transactions delivered to your account directly from your bank

Manage Your Bank Accounts

Manage all your bank accounts easily,and keep them up to date. Connect Easy to your bank account or import your bank statement into Easy. Match statement lines from your bank accounts with transactions in Easy. Easy to keep your accounts up to date and accurate.

Import Transactions Or Receive Them Directly From Your Bank

Easy lets you connect your bank account directly to your bank and imports all your transactions from your bank every day. Auto match reconciliation automatically reconcile all your transactions on click of one button. You can also import your statements using CSV format.

Fastest Reconciliation

Easy offers auto matching and rule based reconciliation to make it even faster to reconcile your bank. Our bulk reconciliation tool gives you option to reconcile transactions of similar nature in no time by filtering them and defining them only once. Our reconciliation tool is a mixture of traditional desktop accounting and today’s advanced cloud accounting software. It is making accounting much easier for you.

Rule Based Reconciliation

You can teach Easy by creating different transaction matching rules and tell it how to consider particular transaction in bank statement. Easy then compare each transaction imported into the Easy against the set of rules created and apply the rule which matches the most making reconciliation just a click away.

Spectre is the ultimate financial data aggregation API. Featuring global coverage, an advanced categorization engine and high-level security – it delivers automation and simplification to answer financial challenges

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to save your time and make your life easier

Easy Invoices
Easy Invoices

Professional invoicing made lot easier and smarter


Dashboard gives you overview of your business finances

Bills & Expenses
Bills & Expenses

Record bills and attach scanned receipts directly from your mobile.

Financial Reports
Financial Reports

Know how much you’re spending, how much customers are spending.

Free Upgrades
Free Upgrades

The software is constantly enhanced with new functionality

GST Return
VAT Return

Our VAT-ready accounting software generates all your financial reports

Ready to explore Easy and see how beautiful accounting is.